Jazz Audio in Selden, New York..Sneaky Liars

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We just had door and rear speakers installed at Jazz Audio.The following day, we saw that the drivers inner door panel was not secured to the door.

We went back, and was told a couple of clips were not replaced or fell off, so we called Mike the head liar (manager), went back, and had the door panel re-attached.

What they re-attached it with, I don't know, because it came loose again.Now we're told they broke the clips, and they sent us on our way, saying they didn't have the right clips.

I'm going to have to get the door fixed on my own and sue them in small claims court for reimbursement.

There are far better automotive sound shops around....go to one of them...AVOID JAZZ AUDIO!!!

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Jazz Audio - Customer Service Went Down The Toilet

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Update by user Jan 13, 2012

Jazz Audio is a automotive audio / video dealer in Selden, Long Island, New York

Update by user Jan 13, 2012

Jazz Audio is a automotive audio / video dealer in Selden, Long Island, New York

Original review posted by user Jan 13, 2012

I bought my wife a remote starter and new high-end speakers for her car....and she bought me new speakers for my truck.They were Christmas gifts, and bought with the understanding we would be able to have them installed after Christmas.

We spoke to Mike, the manager a few times, and he kept putting us off til "next week"...Now he tells my wife he cannot do the installation til some time in February. So I called him and told him I would be in Saturday morning to return everything we had bought. Now, all of a sudden, he can possibly squeeze us in next weekend.

More to come, but it seems that this is not how you treat long-time customers...I'm pretty sure I won't be going back there again after this.I don't like getting jerked around.

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Pete Piccarrelli and RGFYV, you're both morons and butt buddies. get over yourself, act like men and stop crying about everything.


I realized the other day they took off my silver license plate frame and replaced it with a black plastic piece of *** with their name and phone number on it.I didn't authorize them to do that.

Who gave them the balls to advertise on MY car?They better have have my frame there this Saturday when I get there or the cash to pay for it.


After finally having had my wife remote & speakers installed, I noticed that the driver door interior panel had not been properly reinstalled.Two screws were just shoved into the screwholes in the panel, just hanging in the holes.

I suppose they thought I would never notice. I was pretty pissed that they had time to install a "Jazz Audio" license plate frame on the back of the car, but no time to properly reinstall the door panel properly.

To his credit, Mike, the manager was very apologetic, we were on our way in a very reasonable period of time.It should be pointed out that this was NOT the first installation issue we've had there.


I had purchased a Clarion 6 CD changer there.They mounted the control pod on my dash with double sided tape, and it falls off everytime the weather gets hot.

I went back there twice only to be told there was nothing they could do. I wound up fabricating a bracket with odds and ends from my shed, and have had no problem since. I will never go back to them for any reason. They don't deserve my business.

To hand me back my keys after doing work like that is incomprehensable. Is there no manager or owner on premises that double-checks the work?

No one there cares about anything but getting your money in their cash register.When the sale is over, the caring and service end right there.

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